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    Name: Multi-valve
    Type: CDB2-F20-03
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    Be applied to hydraulic of TCM??5??10T??
    Installation of connection diagram

    Main technical parameters
      Name   Spec
      OEM code   -
      Pressure adjustment range   
      ??Primary safety valve   8??20MPa
      ??Secondary overflow valve   
      ??Steering interface safety valve   8??20MPa
      Flow rate  
      ??P??T Operating mode   125L/min
      ??P??PF Operating mode   24??27L/min
      Spool operating force   max. 300N
      Viscosity range   10??380mm/s
      Oil temperature range   -20??100??
      ?????????????/Oil&system cleanliness   ??????GB/T14039-2002-19/16????NAS 1638 10??
    No higher than GB/T14039-2002-19/16 or NAS 1638 10